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not a cookbook

One of the first, if not the first, cookbooks written entirely by using ai tools. No humans, cooks even less so, have been involved in creating the recipes. 

Download preview (PDF)

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This little book is an experiment. Co-written/edited by me, Thordur Arnason, to explore the opportunities, limitations and future potential within the endlessly fascinating Generative/Creative AI space.

In the process of putting this together, I’ve grown to love and enjoy working with a number of AI tools, that ultimately augments us humans and pushes the boundaries of our abilities, both creatively and productively. My self-imposed constraint of creating this work within sixteen weeks has so far been an interesting journey. During this period so many new tools have arrived, and the ones I’ve started out with have evolved greatly.

Ultimately, this experiment is all about how we can use all these amazing tools to better ourselves, no mind paid to the potential threats they pose. The way I see it, it’s all about human augmentation. A mindset and legacy created by, amongst many others, Douglas Engelbart and the SRI-team in the 1960s.

Artificial Intelligence is not a threat to humanity unless we allow it to be. I stand firmly in my belief that this helps us explore our human potential and hopefully make us wiser.

The AIs used in this experiment are:

GPT-3 Davinci-002, GPT-3.5 Davinci-003 (KIM) - All text generation, including recipes.
FlavourGraph, FlavourDB (Flaivia)  - Ingredients and flavour matching on a molecular level.
Midjourney, Dall-E·2 and Stable Diffusion - Artwork, images and “photos”. (AIson) - training on Thordur's voice, narrator voice for the audiobook PoC

Many others AIs were involved in the research process but did not make the cut for this experiment. Don’t feel bad, I love and respect you all for what your try to solve and can do.

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